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Posted: Mar 23, 2019

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The developer streaming community is rapidly growing but what I find charming about it is I can hop into dozens of chats and interact with the people in the streams I watch on a weekly basis. A lot of them are building projects of their own, but further creating an inclusive community where we all can learn about technology and skills together. The following is a small curated list of my favorites:

  • Suz Hinton - Likely one of the ones who started the huge craze and inspired so many other streamers, Suz has created a huge community around her stream and greater breadth. Hop on her streams Sundays to tune into some chill IoT projects, OSS work, and the friendly sloth Barry.
  • Brian Clark - Brian will be dancing around and is key to finding ways for having people be able to interact with him. From his light bulb project to VS Code Extensions and Chat bots, he likely to make you feel welcome and part of the journey in his streams.
  • Jeff Fritz - Jeff is always finding new ways to bring in the community. From a variety of projects on stream written in C# and .NET technologies, to frequent guests talking about the latest and greatest in the dev field as well as some more soft skills that can empower all devs, Jeff finds a way not to be just part of the dev community, but the larger creative community on Twitch.
  • David Poindexter - David otherwise known as roberttables is well experienced in the DevOps field with things like Docker and Terraform. Grab a seat and sit down at the table where you can see coding projects during the weekdays and hardware hacking on Saturdays.

Stream Teams

  • LiveCoders - A Stream team of curated coding streamers picked out by the one and only Jeff Fritz.

And more

And for a lot of other streams that I didn't list, Tierney Cyren made a Awesome-developer-streams GitHub repo with over 100 streamers working on many various projects in tons of different languages.

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